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Colour instinct
It is as if a grey cloudy day is suddenly lit by colour. The marks which seem to run from us on the canvas(and on numerous types of paper – a constant variety of materials) are much more than a clue, they are proof. Painting can be an instinct. And Markus Holzinger has this instinct. No doubt the answer lies in his DNA: his father is an excellent sculptor, but painting was an unexpected passion for Markus. He is a computer technician and although I’m quite sure that the ability to penetrate the heart of a computer is an art, the daily work of Markus’ hands, head and eyes is in a black and white world. Made of bits and chips, of plastic and circuits. An extraordinary universe, but colourless. And at a certain point, for unfathomable reasons Markus felt a need to enrich himself with colour: blue, red, yellow and green, which he then transformed into shapes, lines, softness, emotion, connections, games. In this way Markus imparts happiness (an almost immediate pleasure) to whosoever stops even for a moment, in front of his pictures. In a very short time, he has experimented with many different techniques and types of
material: he has closely examined them.. Everyday a step forwards, or maybe sideways or at an angle. A new step. Some might call it “research”, but better words might be curiosity, love, exploration. The most fascinating kind of exploration without a map and with no arrival point. Because Markus’ painting has a singular merit (again instinctive): it makes us feel. And these feelings transform all geography, every minute, every second of life into something which surprises us. And for a perfect moment we are left with the memory of amazement.
Born 25th August 1967 in Wiesbaden, Germany
From 1975 in Tuscany
Degree in Philosophy University of Florence 1996
Computer consultant from 1997
Resident in San Casciano in Val di Pesa
[Andrea Semplici]

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